Ultimate Racer

Driver Manager
Driver Manager

Driver Manager

Who's Driving?

Ultimate Racer can help you to manage all of your drivers, view their performance statistics and keep track of their contact information.

Driver Manager Driver Manager

Driver Database

All the Information

The driver database is where you enter the details of your drivers. This can be as simple as entering a nickname, or you can take it much further and keep track of addresses, telephone numbers, emails etc.

Race Chart Race Chart


Driver Analysis

Ultimate Racer has the tools for in depth performance analysis of both drivers and cars.

  • History
  • Race Tables
  • Race Charts
  • Top 50


Ultimate Racer has a huge library of avatars for your pilots, but you can also add your own images...

French DriverLafitteSpanish DriverPironiDick DastardlySchekterBritish DriverPilote 4LaffitteRacer XAmerican DriverPilote 3





....for all other features, play with the software; it would take too long to describe'em here!!!