Ultimate Racer

Race Manager
Race Manager

Race Manager

Lap Counter and Race Timing

The Race Manager handles all kinds of races from simple heats and practice sessions to full race and tournament events with up to 60 drivers.

It can manage any number of lanes from 1 to 16, and has a timing precision of 1/1000 second.

Race Set Up Race Set Up

Race Set Up

How do you Race?

Ultimate Racer manages all kinds of races in a wide variety of formats...

  • One off race
  • Practise session
  • Qualifying
  • Heats
  • Championship
  • Tournament
  • Set number of Laps
  • Set Time
  • Round Robin
  • Team events

Quick HeatFor a simple one off race, the set up is quick and easy, using the Quick Heat page.

Race EventBut there are many more options available in the Race Event page, where there are templates available for just about any format you can think of.

Race Screen Race Screen

Race Screens

Driver Information

The Race Screen provides you, the driver, with all the live, real time information you need; race position, lap number, race time, fastest lap and much, much more.

There are many race screens available, but it's also possible to create your own to give you exactly the information you want during the race.

Race Chart Race Chart


Race Analysis

If simply awarding the podium medals isn't enough for you, then Ultimate Racer has the tools for in depth performance analysis of both drivers and cars.

  • History
  • Race Tables
  • Race Charts
  • Top 50


Slot Car Sensors

Ultimate Racer provides all of your software requirements, but you will also need some hardware to detect slot cars on the track. Find out more on the Hardware pages.






....for all other features, play with the software; it would take too long to describe'em here!!!