Ultimate Racer provides all of your software requirements, but for the timing system, you will also need some hardware to detect slot cars on your track and pass that to your computer.

There are many, many options for slot car sensors, too many to list in detail here.

For more details, please go to the Help section.

Below is a brief outline of the most popular ways to hook up your track.

Light Bridge

A simple home made or adapted bridge with lights that shine onto the track. Set into the track are photo resistors which detect when a car passes under the bridge and casts a shadow. The photo resistors connect to a parallel port on your computer.

Dead Strip

A modified section of track which has a few centimetres where the rails are unpowered and isolated. This connects to a simple electronic circuit, which in turn connects to the parallel port on your computer.

Other Devices

Ultimate Racer can also connect to the following devices.

  • Scalextric RMS
  • Carrera Digital
  • DS200 & DS300
  • Ninco Digital ML
  • Davic System
  • Web Cam
  • Phidget

Please Note

We are not a manufacturer, so we do not produce a purpose built slot car detector. But they are not difficult to make and certainly not expensive. It just requires the right cable, and perhaps some basic electronic components and a little time.



You can find out much, much more about how to set up the hardware required in the Help section

All Requirements are covered in detail

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