Ultimaye Racer



Version History and Downloads


March 2nd , 2013



  • Track Elevations
  • 3D Scenery Models
  • Enhanced 3D Render
  • New Race Panes

July 15th, 2013


Fix & enhancements:

  • click on export button puts data into the clipboard for easy paste in Open office or Excel
  • deslot scoring setup value: "0" scores the heat driver 0, "<empty>" deslot scoring not managed
  • fix: "invalid argument" message at heat startup
  • fix: quick race: never displayed inter segment counter
  • fix: "low of fuel" slider not properly saved nor displayed (managed now as circuit setting instead of heat setting)
  • fix: minor bugs

June 23rd, 2013



  • major: click on "go" button during light changes now triggers heat start instead of heat cancellation
    heat can be started by first car detection
  • partial laps calculation using sections or remaining time before heat end
  • new race pane objects: "DriverCrashBurned" (skull image), "CrashBurnBtn" (ambulance button), "CrashBurn" (number of deslots)
  • display "XXX" laps when lap detected during pause/track call
  • fuel management: level warning setup allowed, out of fuel warning played once
  • library updates: Tomy & Aurora Afx, SXR, Carrera 1:32, Scalex Digital
  • 3D object properties enhanced: specify X-Y-Z default sizes
  • new editor export report keywords: lane, lengthM, length, depthM, depth
  • exports open spreadsheet editor
  • transparent image render: layout + race screens


  • deslots and false start score wrong calculation
  • CSV exports
  • sounds in practice mode
  • 3D render hangs on some track sections
  • 5 lights management
  • minor bugs

January 20th, 2013



  • SXR complete library for routed wooden tracks
  • layout width & depth includes borders
  • toggle toolbar track section ref/name
  • new [slotcar.lapduration spoken] keyword
  • change - all sounds played in 'practice mode'


  • race event setup: digital IROC, save/restore setup
  • Carrera Digital detection fixed. Black Box and Control Unit are now identified as 2 different devices
  • minor bugs

December 15th, 2012



  • minor/major grid setup simplification
  • SXR 1:32 library for wood tracks (1st release)
  • WWW UR30: publication simplified + files & reports saved as jpg instead of gif
  • Carrera 1:43 digital update
  • white flag event (indy car races)


  • heat/race points not properly counted
  • undo resets stocks
  • some reports (html export, stock) not properly printed
  • layout windows hidden when tiled
  • minor bugs

October 28th, 2012



  • documentation updated
  • edit library buttons added to the track layout toolbar
  • multiple heat deletion


  • coast time
  • race alone on a second lane: sounds and external lights not properly managed
  • minor bugs

September 9th, 2012



  • new faster software installation procedure
  • update Ninco library
  • heat winner name spoken


  • new faster software installation procedure
  • update Ninco library
  • heat winner name spoken

August 26th, 2012


Fix critical bugs:

  • save as dialog stucked on W7
  • save files crash on W7
  • print preview not properly displayed on W7
  • workaround for startup crash (W7 users)

July 20th, 2012


General enhancements:

  • new GUI technology => increase speed & smoothness
  • documentation update
  • license status display.general
  • French localization fixed

Track layout enhancements:

  • new toolbar buttons for displays
  • new library: Scoba
  • several libraries updated
  • gap suppressor works now from selected section near the gap

Race Manager enhancements:

  • manage scores for race event (in addition of score per heats)
  • history chart labels
  • new object: total pit stop refuel

Track layout fixes:

  • unexpected track section moves
  • tooltip display
  • toolbar states not properly saved

Race Manager fixes:

  • car deletion hangs
  • top 50 circuit selection filter fails
  • slot car maintenance tasks
  • deslot slot car sound, car maintenance
  • foreseen pit not propely updated
  • display glitches
  • quick race setup hangs when the same car is used by 2 drivers
  • car dorsal number not displayed
  • score grid not properly refreshed
  • some external event descriptions missing
  • race event templates displayed as quick race templates
  • deslot not counted when non racing drivers
  • toolbar position saved
  • miscellaneous glitches
  • backspace key in edit boxes

April 30th, 2012


Track layout editor enhancements:

  • new objects: arrows, curves
  • export in DXF format
  • 3D camera toolbar
  • new frequently used track section tab
  • color coding managed
  • improve border libs to match all curves + specific Ninco, Scalex & Carrera

Race Management System enhancements:

  • tournaments are now replaced by "Race events", and Races by "Heats" => tournament setup GUI replaced by a race event GUI (major change). So a race event is splitted into heats (as tournament was splitted into races)
  • team management: the race event setup allows to select drivers and slot cars, and group them into teams
  • UR30 manages now starting positions. There is one starting pos per lane in an analogue circuit, one or more starting pos per lane in a digital circuit
  • the race event setup (previously tournaments) are not directly configured in text files anymore. A dedicated screen allows to setup race event (race event setting screen) => significant changes.
  • staggered races are replaced by race events, staggered option is now called Round Robin in race event settings
  • the round robin rotations can be changed on the race event setting screen
  • UR30 sound manager speaks now. Driver names or starting position can be spelled when a heat starts
  • hardware setup: hardware device tree view replaced by a convenient drop down combo
  • all view panes (circuits, drivers, races...) are now managed as floating toolbars
  • race event toolbar is managed now. It allows to display heat events while racing
  • heat number of laps or limit end can be changed during a heat
  • rotation between race event heats automated => automatic heat switch managed (second counter can be setup)
  • coast time managed
  • new toolbar driver heat status displays on going heat driver status. This toolbar allows to change team driver during a heat
  • realistic finish option allows to end heats like real life races
  • deslot managed (including hardware event)
  • race event settings (including driver & slot car selection) can be stored in the database before the race event starts
  • staggered races replaced by round robin race events => the starting lights are now managed when drivers change lanes
  • selection of racing pos allowed. Eg.: a race event can be setup only on 3 lanes over 4 on a 4 lane circuit
  • new sounds managed: deslot sound, heat description (spoken)
  • CircuitName object for custom racing panes
  • race event heat display enhanced: new driver/heat grid + new lane (starting pos)/heat grid
  • added: slotcar tyre types & tyre mades
  • new scores managed: deslots (penalty or bonus), false starts and reaction time
  • new RMS: Carrera Digital

Some topics are still under improvement before the official release:

  • team driver switch at heat startup
  • on line help
  • layout localization

Sept 24th, 2010



  • checkered button used to start heat, new button to setup heat & briefing
  • feature button clicks enable feature views one by one
  • new race pane fields: remaing time before end of heat, last pit stop duration, lane power on/off, number of laps before refuel
  • Tomy AFX library update thanks to BigBadBuzz
  • Config.txt and classes.txt files replaced by advanced settings dialog
  • lane rotation can be customized in staggered heats
  • Carrera library updates
  • URWebCam.exe enhanced with new arguments like Crash & Burn, Track call, and many more


  • font text alignment of text object (layout editor)
  • single sensor refueling
  • slot car maintenance tasks
  • sort page display
  • lap staggered heats
  • section dialog neverending display
  • webcam detection

August 4th, 2010



  • add smart track preview for UR30 WWW
  • add "picture" and "attaches" toolbar buttons (layout editor)
  • default number of layout publications for UR30 WWW set to 20 instead of 10 (can be increased on demand)
  • race driver sort mode: "crewlanestraight". Allows tournament per crew without random dispatch between lanes.
  • manage "0" prefixed slot car numbers


  • layout editor GUI: MDI tab properly refreshed
  • toolbar tip on racer toolbar buttons
  • fix circuit property report

July 25th, 2010



  • introduction of UR30 WWW, a world wide layout archive you can update with UR30
  • manage Ninco pit in/out with Ninco ML
  • display heat description & sections in history view


  • slot car & driver positions & response time
  • section handling (dialogue + history view)
  • internal algorithm optimizations
  • personal settings deletion
  • refuel Ninco on ML extension
  • analog lane power switch on/off during a heat, on line help clarifications
  • even start bug
  • track call pulse on Phidget 1012 increased
  • 5 lights start
  • digital ID changed when swap analog <-> digital
  • score calculation fails when a slot car does not make any laps after false start (!)

May 27th, 2010



  • manage Phidgets #1017, #1018
  • manage x6 LPT ports
  • Ninco ML RS232 & TTL


  • championship race/tournament setup
  • lap & time penalty on false start

May 2nd, 2010



  • sound priorities replaced by simultaneous sounds
  • race screen not modal anymore
  • wizards completed - can be enhanced on-demand


  • pause/track call
  • lap detection after pit out
  • single lane circuit stats
  • first lap duration calculation
  • <tab> and <arrow> on heat view
  • championship race/tournament setup

Apr 18th, 2010



  • fix bug on: "white" lane races, staggered heat, heat scores, detailed report stats, Scalex RMS

Mar 28th, 2010



  • online help completed, includes detail about race/tournament customisation
  • reports are now browser neutral
  • reports can be customized with any text editor like Open Office
  • AFX library enhanced (by P. Linton)
  • new reports


  • light & icon display in a sorted race pane are now properly displayed
  • track layout editor fields are enabled properly
  • race screen display heats properly
  • stagger lane heats correctly choosen now
  • driver sound correctly saved
  • RMS detection

Jan 30th, 2010



  • fix bug on: SCX Library, Race heat hang, webcam events, start/stop race event

Jan 16th, 2010


UR30 .29 racing engine has been completely rewritten to manage digital & RC races, and be more modular to integrate quickly the tremendous number of worldwide requests.

Many enhancements have been added in this release:

  • new GUI: complete integration of the track layout editor and the race manager
  • manage digital & RC races. Few RMS engines are managed in .29 but it's growing. At this time: Ninco (Power Base & Multilane) & Davic.
  • USB serial port and game controller handling
  • "tournaments" renamed "races" and "races" renamed "heats"
  • intermediary lap time managed
  • all heat screens (including abort, cancellation...) can be customized at your own with the editor
  • heat settings can be created & saved to be reused
  • many more sound options for circuit, drivers and slot cars
  • Phidget #1014
  • tremendous new race options: section management, driver pane sort, crash & burn
  • pit stop managed by two sensors or only one at your convenience

...and many more surprises...

Many worldwide slot racers pushed me to publish this release, eventhought I was relunctant to, but the slot car must go on! This alpha release still contains glitches. Some of them have been raised after this packaging completion. Some other are under integration. Opened topics:

  • on-line help is out of date
  • wizzards are not completed
  • the report and FTP publication engine may generate defect reports

This release is the first achievement of a lot of work. Fixes will follow up soon. Thx for your understanding.

Apr 25th, 2009


  • new library: SCX Digital thanks to Toma Kunert
  • fix bug on: stock calculation, room resize, Phidget #1012, mail to support, tournament report, OLE insert

Feb 27th, 2009


  • fix bug on: save as bitmap, tournament restore

Feb 15th, 2009


  • Phidget management: InterfaceKit 0/16/15 - #1012
  • Scalextric library enhancement & re-organization: Sport included into Digital included into Classic
  • track section stock management enhancement
  • document circuit display properties moved into circuit display option dialog
  • manage one-way direction sections (digital, pit stop...)
  • fix bug on: crash when attaching a track section, move back/front, load i/o error

Dec 31st, 2008


  • doc updated
  • editor: delete border track operation button
  • joystick interface
  • new Carrera D132 library, Ninco library updated
  • fix bug on: reaction time/first lap, average speed stats, report display

Dec 19th, 2008


  • doc updated
  • count down start lights
  • fix bug on: tournament restore & display

Dec 7th, 2008


  • fix bug on: track section/border deletion, splitter frame, report generation and tournament setup.

Nov 23rd, 2008


Track layout editor:

  • UR30 localization with external text file
  • editor GUI simplified with full toolbar usage
  • 2D track section display enhancement
  • add 4/6/8 lane track sections - automatically generated
  • zoom dialogue enhancement
  • manage library include directive to merge track section libraries
  • manage pictures as libraries
  • 2 lane circuit gap suppressor
  • new editor tools: center view, mirror circuit, left/right borders, circuit snapshot,..
  • library includes to split libs
  • new multi lane and dummy red/white libraries

Race management:

  • UR30 localization with external text file
  • simplify external device management - automatic hardware enabling/disabling
  • link with Zone Trigger
  • even start
  • reaction time management
  • "large" view selection buttons

July 20th, 2008


  • fix bug on: metafile mapping, on line help file, race pane update enter 2 subsequent races, lap counted when race suspended, power not restored when segment ends, fuel/refuel

May 25th, 2008


  • fix bug on: staggering odd lane number, click on start race from tournament view, 6 lane race pane setup
  • quote character in tournament name, top 50 sort
  • enhance toolbar buttons
  • add tournament report

May 5th, 2008


  • fix bug on: track stock update, race pane refresh, save point setting, lane setup
  • update on line help
  • manage keyboard keys for tournament settings

Apr 25th, 2008


  • fix bug on race abort
  • complete on line help

Apr 23rd, 2008


Here is the rev 3.0 27 (at least!). This one took a while to be released as it's a 3 in 1 release. The major enhancements are:

  • replacement of MDAC by another SQL engine to make the installation easier. Use the MigrateDB tool to migrate from rev 3.0 26 release to 3.0 27
  • GUI improvement
  • full tournament designer

Other new features:

  • slot car new stats: laps and speed per circuit
  • DS200 & DS300 management
  • merge of web publish dialog (simplification)
  • reset driver stats while racing in practice mode
  • keep picture ratio in race pane displays
  • webcam management
  • introduction of Config.txt file to setup your own settings (eg: start light sequence)
  • external pause/resume & start/stop race button
  • fix bug in the race management system
  • manage single lane race
  • new library: Fullarton home made track

Sept 2nd, 2007


  • fix printer resolution issue
  • fix used track section counter bug
  • track section library updates

July 23rd, 2007


  • fix bug on printing
  • enhance border management: borders remain at the same level than attached track section

July 1st, 2007

3.0 26b4

  • fix bug on lap start
  • fix bug border management

June 17th, 2007

3.0 26b3

  • fix bug on jump start power cut
  • fix bug lane hardware setup
  • click once on a track section to add it into a track layout instead of clicking twice
  • select palette track section by mouse move instead of mouse click
  • add border in & border out feature: automatically adds borders around selected track sections
  • track library updates
  • borders remain attached to a track section when moved

June 2nd, 2007

UR 3.0 26b2

  • introduction of track layout 3D rendering
  • refuel/refuel feature based on average lap speed
  • enhancement of track libraries - more track sections and borders
  • fix bug on external lights: bad start, race leading...
  • fix bug on sound management
  • fix bug on copy/paste
  • new 2D rendering enhancement
  • pages replaced by an unlimited editing area
  • room object: selection limited to its sides
  • enhancement of texture management
  • flag man event
  • import compliance with tracker 2000 files
  • wysiwyg file print & print preview
  • import of 3D Studio (*.3ds) 3D objects to build 3D scenes

Feb 19th, 2007

UR 3.0 25

  • ur30 terms of license changed to GNU GPL and open source project under setup
  • track layout editor: room object, new zoom features ( fit to screen, zoom object)
  • fix bugs in track layout editor: 3 lane track section, remaining track section refresh, lane attach display...
  • RMS and COM port supported
  • fix racer bug: lane #6 detection issue
  • kernel improvement to manage several external devices
  • parallel port pins 1, 14, 16 and 17 managed as input
  • "Race to line" race type: the race ends when the drivers have finished their current lap
  • manage points per laps
  • new 2 lane tournament "Golden Braid"
  • fix bug on SSD change lane coloring
  • kernel improvement to manage several external devices
  • library updates

June 10th, 2006

UR 3.0 24

  • add picture object in the track layout editor
  • enable customization of race screen from UR30 track layout editor.
  • new race panes and header panes templates
  • replace *.vb race screen definition files by *.scc (UR30 editor) files
  • fix bugs in track layout editor (preview, web publication)
  • French on line help available for DL

April 10th, 2006

UR 3.0 23

  • display track delimiters in colored view
  • allow lap deletion and change
  • interactive navigation between race manager views
  • restart automatically segments in a staggered race
  • show race, lap and circuit from top 50 view

Feb 26th, 2006

UR 3.0 22

  • new track section: aligners to align properly 4 or 8 lane tracks
  • race management toolbar
  • fix open file & track section parser bugs
  • keep race pane opened when a race is completed
  • manage lane power supply inverter
  • manage 3 lane races and tournament for US drivers

Feb 11th, 2006

UR 3.0 21b

  • compliancy with previous track layout editor files
  • close UR30 without save file confirmation question
  • fix memory leaks
  • publication on the web site

Dec 2005

UR 3.0 20b

Full rewriting of the track layout editor. Increase speed. Texture mapping. Border management.

  • New lap detection algorithm.
  • Many new hidden cheat features.
  • Change splash screen

Revision available for beta-testers as rev 3.1.00, then 3.1.01.

Mar 2005

UR 3.0 13

Fix of sveral bugs from previous release

Dec 2004

UR 3.0 12

Strong improvement of the track layout editor. New features such as zoom, track section basic operations, grids.

Web publication of reports.

May 2004

UR 3.0 10

Final merge of UR2.0, paraport and SCCD in a single toolset. Full rewriting of the software in Visual C++ Visual studio (VC 7.0). SCCD was developed in VC 6.0.

Jun 2003

Paraport 2.0

Revision compliant with w98, 2k, XP, NT in order to make UR 2.0 running on other OS than w98

Jun 2002

UR 2.0

New racing screens. Web reports. Open source.

Mar 2001

UR 2.0

New revision of Ultimate Racer in Visual Basic. Open source. Many new features coming from racers and friends.

Jan 2001

SCCD 1.2

Fixed several bugs. Improve calculation algorithms.

May 2000

Paraport 1.0

UR 1.0 was missing laps. Thus I developed an OCX in charge of the parallel port management to improve lap detection

May 2000

SCCD 1.0

SCCD: Slot Car Circuit Designer. A track layout developed for fun as hobby.

Dec 2000

UR 1.0

I bought an Artin circuit for the Christmas of my kids... and a Scalextric one for me ;) I found out the Artin mechanical lap counter was poor. Thus I developed a simple one on my laptop with Visual Basic.