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Layout Archive

Layout Archive

UR30WWW is a free archive of slot track layouts for Ultimate Racer

You can download and use these design ideas at your convenience for your own purposes.

You can also upload and share your own layouts with the slot racing community. The archive links are reusable to share links to layout pictures, properties or zipped UR30 files.

Track LayoutTrack LayoutTrack Layout

Share your layouts

Proceed as follow to submit your layouts to the Layout Archive:

  • select the track layout editor
  • open the layouts you want to publish
  • select menu item: File -> UR30 WWW
  • record your email address and query for a password the first time you use UR30 WWW. The password is returned by mail
  • select the layout you want to submit
  • click on "Submit"


General conditions of use:

Ultimate Racer is more than happy to provide this service with the intention that it brings enthusiasts around the world together to promote interest and friendship among people that share an interest in slot car hobby.

We ask that everyone, who participates, does so in manner that we all can continue to enjoy this site. We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously. Racist, pornographic, spam or any rudeness layout archive content will not be tolerated. We ask that the participants of UR30 WWW do not search through these rules and policies looking for loopholes or for something that may have been overlooked.

Thank You